Time to Write

Now, it’s your turn. Your next step is to evaluate the sources you have found through your research so far. It’s important to remember that the sources you choose to share with your audience will be a reflection upon you as a writer. If you choose credible sources, it will lend credibility to your writing. If you choose sources that lack credibility, your audience may not find your writing believable.

Be sure to use the source Evaluation Checklist to help guide you. It’s a good idea to complete one of these checklists for each source you’re considering for your paper. Your professor may require you to complete the checklist for some of your sources, but it’s a good idea to complete the checklist for each source to really give you a chance to consider the credibility and usefulness of the source.

Keeping a checklist for each source in your writing journal or notes can also be helpful when it comes time for you to draft. You will be able to quickly refer back to your source evaluation, which can help you integrate the source into your writing more effectively.

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