Online Journal Articles | MLA Works Cited

Author. Title. Title of container, other contributors, version, number, publisher, publication date, location.If you are citing an online journal article for your MLA Works Cited page, you will most likely need just one container to present publication information.

Collins, Ross. "Writing and Desire: Synthesizing Rhetorical Theories of Genre and Lacanian Theories of the Unconscious." Composition Forum, vol. 33, spring 2016,
DOIs and URLS: DOIs (digital object identifiers) are the preferred location element for online content. Most online journals will include DOI information on their landing page. If there is not a DOI, a permalink is preferred over a URL. Unless you are including hyperlinks in your Work Cites page at the request of your instructor, you do not need http:// or https:// included in the citation.

Seasons: A season (spring, summer, fall, etc) is in lowercase if it is included as part of the publication date.

Elements used in this citation example are author, title, title of container, number, publication date, and location.

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