Time to Write

It’s your turn now to develop a working thesis for your essay. Be sure to review the guidelines for a strong thesis in this learning area. Remember, it may take a few drafts to get your thesis to where you want it to be, but it’s worth the time and effort. Many consider the thesis statement to be the most important sentence or sentences in your entire essay.

You’ll want to use the Thesis Checklist to review your thesis and submit your thesis to your professor for some feedback, but there are other thesis support activities and resources in the Excelsior OWL:

Thesis Statement Activity

Argumentative Thesis Activity

Analyze This: Argumentative Thesis Statements

Of course, after you draft your thesis, you’ll want to share it for some feedback. In addition to sharing your Thesis Checklist activity with your professor, don’t forget to share your thesis statement with your classmates. They will be able to provide some helpful feedback as well.

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