The Excelsior OWL Soars to New Heights

February 2018 was a record-breaking month for the Excelsior OWL. Usage data from Google Analytics reveal that the OWL hit new records for total monthly users, sessions, and page views (see Table 1). These numbers continue an astounding growth pattern for the last four months (see Table 2). Historically, the OWL performs best in the fall semester, so the OWL team is readying for more record-breaking months this fall.

Table 1: OWL Usage Data for February 2018
Performance Indicator Value % Growth vs February 2017
Users 45,477 112%
Sessions 58,215 106%
Page Views 169,957 90%


Table 2: OWL Usage Data for November 2017 – February 2018
Performance Indicator Value % Growth vs November 2016 – February 2017
Users 138,973 143%
Sessions 185,249 133%
Page Views 514,181 93%

Francesco Crocco

Dr. Francesco Crocco is a former Director of the Online Writing Lab at Excelsior College.