The Excelsior OWL Hits Record-Breaking Highs!

September 2018 was the Excelsior OWL’s best month ever! Total users, sessions, and pageviews far surpassed the last record set in October 2017. The total number of users for the month topped 77K, while the total number of sessions topped 99K and the total number of pageviews topped 286K. In comparison, the last record set in October 2017 was 46K users, 58K sessions, and 158K pageviews. Compared to a year ago (last September), total users, sessions, and pageviews jumped 140%, 152%, and 172%, respectively. At this rate, the OWL is set to achieve another record-breaking month in October, which will likely see total users exceed 100K. Stay tuned!

Users: 77,354

Sessions: 99,275

Pageviews: 286,321

The OWL has almost 1,000 pages of content. Here are the top five pages visited in September 2018:

Sample Rhetorical Analysis
OWL Home
Argumentative Thesis
Organizing Your Argument
Toulmin Argument

Finally, you’ve probably noticed that the OWL has a pop-up survey. This survey has provided us with lots of important information. This past month it told us that more than 85% of OWL users are satisfied or very satisfied with the site. The survey also told us that more than half of our users are using the OWL because of a class requirement.