What to Do Before Reading

A closed book with a pen and a blank sheet of paperDid you know that reading doesn’t begin when you open the book? Before reading, a successful reader will think about the assignment, preview the text to create a mental map, and ask questions about what they know, and expect to learn from the text. The units in this section cover these and other strategies for what to do before reading. Click on one of the areas below to learn more.

Previewing: Learn how to preview a text in order to familiarize yourself with its contents before you read. This will help you understand the material better and use your time more efficiently.

Questioning: Learn how to ask questions about a text before, during, and after reading to improve your understanding of the text. Topics covered include using questioning to examine your purpose, expectations, attitude, and understanding of the topic; writing guide questions; using questioning to monitor your understanding as you read; and using questioning to evaluate what you’ve read.

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