Excelsior OWL Across the Disciplines | Research

library bookshelvesAs many courses across the disciplines require some kind of research writing project for students, the Research & Citations section is going to be an important area of you to consider. Many times, we assume students remember from their writing courses how to write that traditional college research paper, but so often, students test out of beginning writing courses. Other students may have taken the course years ago and may not remember lessons and content. Because of this, it is important to realize you may need to start from the beginning with students, and this is not easy in busy, content-heavy courses.

If you find yourself with students who need help from the very beginning, with everything from documentation, to finding sources, to developing ideas related to source material analysis, you may want to have students spend some time reviewing each step in the process in the Research & Citations area. However, it is important to first review this area yourself. This is one of the more detailed learning areas in the Excelsior OWL, and completing each step will take time and patience. You may want to break up the assignment and have students report and share what they learned from each step.

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