Excelsior OWL Across the Disciplines | Grammar & Usage

question markIt is important to understand the reasons behind student error. Most students make errors because of poor editing habits. It is not because they do not know the errors exist. However, many students will struggle with particular conventions of Standard American English structure as well as our punctuation conventions, especially as structural and punctuation conventions are forever changing and always depend upon the situation for “correctness.”

Still, as you will be working to teach your students to conform to academic conventions, the support available in the Excelsior OWL can help. The Grammar Essentials area of the Excelsior OWL provides detailed, warm support for parts of speech and structure, punctuation, and the most common errors beginning college writers make. Because this area is comprehensive, it would be too much to expect any student to review and retain all of the information there. To be most effective, you will want to refer students to the particular areas they are struggling with. For example, if you notice students struggling to use commas effectively, you will want to refer them to the comma section in the “Punctuation” area of Grammar Essentials. There, students can review all ten comma rules and then practice using commas in interactive exercises.

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