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person writingThe Excelsior OWL offers some of the most innovative support for documentation according to Chicago, MLA and APA guidelines available on the web. Because documentation can be so difficult and confusing, the Excelsior OWL team has organized support for documentation visually and in a student-friendly manner. The following resources should be of significant help to all of your students. However, it is important for all teachers to note that many aspects of documentation styles are up to interpretation. The Excelsior OWL team works closely with our team of librarians, who work closely with representatives from each formatting style, to provide the most accurate information available. Still, “rules” and guidelines are constantly changing, so you should review current guidelines in the Excelsior OWL and on documentation sites and blogs yourself, in addition to having students review the helpful materials in the Excelsior OWL.

The following materials are available in the Citation & Documentation area:

  • The video demo for MLA style provides a short video walk-through of basic formatting, in-text documentation, and Works Cited page information.
  • Interactive, visually-organized PDFs are available to support in-text documentation and reference material for APA, MLA, and Chicago styles.
  • Beautiful, interactive checklists that feature samples for each point are available for both APA and MLA styles.

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