Print Newspaper | 16th Edition

Illustrated NewspaperThe first entry shown is the first note for a source.

The second entry shown is for subsequent notes for a source.

The third entry is the bibliographic entry for the note. This will be found in the bibliography at the end of the work.

NOTE: Newspaper articles, whether in print or online, do not receive page numbers; if available, use a section letter or number.
1. Jeff Mapes, “State's Ad Slogan Highlights Idealism,” Oregonian, December 9, 2003, sec. TW.
2. Mapes, “State's Ad Slogan,” sec. TW.
Mapes, Jeff. “State's Ad Slogan Highlights Idealism.” Oregonian, December 9, 2003, sec. TW.

Unsigned Article

NOTE: For unsigned articles, in your bibliography, put the name of the paper first and then the headline.
1. "Media Flea Circus," Tattler, August 29, 2002, sec. A.
2. "Media Flea Circus," Tattler.
Tattler. "Media Flea Circus." August 29, 2002, sec. A.

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