Corporate Author | 9th Edition

If a source is created by an organization, the author element (name of the organization) must be abbreviated to only the noun phrase within the citation, minus any articles. The citation will point the reader to the full name within the Works Cited content. In the text and in the Works Cited, use the full name of the work.

The Excelsior Online Writing Lab (OWL) would be Excelsior Online Writing Lab because Lab is the noun. The words that come before it are modifying the word Lab. However, the National Academy of Medicine would be abbreviated to National Academy. Academy is the noun.



According to the National Academy of Medicine, “sources should be science-based, objective, transparent, and accountable.”

“Sources should be science-based, objective, transparent, and accountable” (National Academy).

Work Cited

National Academy of Medicine. "NAM & WHO Encourage Digital Platforms to Apply Global Principles for Identifying Credible Sources of Health Information." 24 Feb. 2022,

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