Research & Citations

Welcome to Research & Citations!

(formerly Locating Information & Writing with Sources)

A picture of two students looking at materials in a library.In this learning area, you will find step-by-step support for writing a research paper (a paper with source material) for your college courses. In Research & Citations, the OWL will help you as you begin to write your paper, pick a topic, conduct research for articles and books, draft your work, integrate your research, and revise and edit your finished paper.

You’ll also find extensive support for APA and MLA documentation styles. The Documentation section of this area features instructional videos that show you how to set up your papers in APA and MLA format, APA and MLA interactive checklists, and visual support for both in-text documenting and referencing at the end of your paper. If you’re new to documentation or just need a refresher, the Research & Citations area can help.

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