Welcome to the Online Reading Comprehension Lab! The Reading Lab is the first completely free, comprehensive, and online resource for college-level reading. It offers a variety of multimedia materials—instructional videos, online exercises, and handouts—that can be used alone or in a course. Use it as a complete textbook alternative for college, high school, continuing education, or training programs.

More and more students are graduating high school unprepared for the kind of literacy and critical thinking skills necessary for college-level reading. Reading difficulties lead to lower grades, more dropouts, and fewer economic opportunities. The Reading Lab provides more than two dozen interactive, multimedia modules to help develop college-level reading skills and support student success.

This introduction covers four areas:

Active vs. Passive Reading Icon Active vs. Passive Reading: Learn about the difference between active reading and passive reading. Successful readers practice active reading habits that improve their reading comprehension, speed, and enjoyment.
A woman reading a book Learning to Read: Learning to read is not only an essential skill to succeed in school and life, it is also a process that defines who we are. View interviews with students and professors who share their stories about learning to read.
Gears with documents Common Reading Systems: Explore some common reading systems designed to support college-level reading skills.
A treasure map Explore the Reading Lab: See a menu of the topics covered on the reading lab.

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