Paper Capers, the OWL Video Game

Welcome to the Excelsior Online Writing Lab Game, Paper Capers. In this game, you’re the boss at the Excelsior ReView, taking jobs and delegating minions to master the task of writing as you build up your writing business. You learn all about the writing process by managing your team of writers and helping them make decisions about how to produce good writing.

You can play online from this website.

Play Online

Play the game online by logging in below. If you’re new to the game, you can create a username and password of your choosing and get started. If you would like some instructions, check out the short video tutorial at the bottom of the page. Good luck growing your writing company!

Note: Depending on your browser, you may need to enable your browser’s flash player or install a plugin for flash to play Paper Capers online.

Video Tutorial

Watch this short tutorial to learn more about how to play the game.

Video Transcript

0:01 Welcome to Paper Capers—a writing process video game brought to you by Excelsior College, 1st Playable Productions, and the Kresge Foundation!
0:10 To get started, if you are not a part of the 2013 OWL study (and you will know if you are), just click “sign up.”
0:16 You simply create your own username and password.
0:19 It can be anything you like.
0:21 When you come back to play later, you can type in this username and password to pick up where you left off.
0:27 Once you are in, select your avatar.
0:29 When you continue, you see you are the owner and managing editor of a writing company.
0:34 You must make sure your employees or writers follow a good writing process to help them produce their best work as they work on writing projects.
0:44 Click to select your first employee and then click on that employee to assign him or her to a job.
0:49 Try to match interest to the topic if you can, as this earns you extra points.
0:54 It helps your writers do well!
0:56 Once you get going with one of your writers, the game will walk you through basic instructions.
1:03 The task bar at the top tracks your writer’s progress and tells you which step he or she is on.
1:09 Click on your writer to move him or her to a different step.
1:13 Your job is to try to get your writers to follow the writing process in the most effective order.
1:18 The pencil button at the bottom right is your “cheat sheet.”
1:21 It reminds you of the writing process steps and order and will also pause the game for you.
1:26 You can use this to get a little help or to pause the game.
1:29 When you move up to three or four writers, you sometimes need to take a break!
1:33 The pencil button can pause the game and also help you review the writing process.
1:38 Click to move your writer to the right step.
1:40 You will want your writers to complete each step before moving on to the next.
2:12 Your writers will sometimes have questions for you.
2:15 You might be asked to check a thesis statement or help with a sentence error.
2:19 Here, your writer wants to perform a writing event, but he is not at the right step!
2:31 If you click on the pencil again, on the right side, you will see the events and when they should be performed.
2:36 You get bonus for having your writers perform the right events during the correct steps!
2:45 You will proceed through the game, helping your writer stay on task.
2:48 If you do well, you get to grow your company and manage more employees.
2:52 The more successful you are, the more writers you can hire, and the more challenging the game becomes.
2:58 Good luck playing Paper Capers!

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