Paper Capers

screenshot from paper capersPaper Capers is a video game designed to provide review of important concepts from the Excelsior OWL and may work well for teachers and students as a way to emphasize content after completing key sections of the Excelsior OWL. However, the game may also function independently, and, therefore, could be used before instruction in the Excelsior OWL begins as a way to prepare students for important concepts they are about to cover.

Activity Ideas for Paper Capers

  • Have students spend time in class playing the game. Observe how they work best with the game. Some students prefer to play the game alone. Others prefer to play in pairs. You will want to provide students with a comfortable environment for playing the game in class.
  • Have the students play the game at home. You will likely want to give an introductory lesson on the game at first, but students can play the game outside of the class. The game only works on computers.
  • Spend some time discussing the game and the benefits of emphasizing the writing process.
  • Have students write a paragraph describing the writing process steps before and after playing the game. Have them note any differences.
  • Competition can be fun, and scores can be compared. Progress can be kept on the class in a chart. However, you should be aware that some gamers do not do well if the environment feels too competitive, so you will want to tailor your instruction based on the students you are working with.

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