What’s New?

peek-a-boo-owl-smileThanks for stopping by to see what’s new! We’ve been very busy feeding our OWL to offer you the best user experience possible.

Below is a list of what we’ve added, updated, or improved recently.

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3/12/2018 The APA Refresher was released.
11/3/2017 The OWL Promotional Video was added.
10/27/2017 New images were added to the Citation & Documentation section.
10/26/2017 The OWL Informational Video was added.
10/10/2017 The Writing in the Disciplines section was added. Here you’ll learn how to write real-world genres to be used in your career.
9/12/2017 The Writing Refresher is a new section that was added to the OWL. Here you can practice your grammar skills. Look for new content to be added to this section.
8/2/2017 A new look for the home page. Icons were all redesigned.

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