Excelsior OWL Activities & Pages Index

h5p ID OWL Activity Activity Type Scored   Page Title
400Argumentative Thesis in ReviewInteractive Video[+]Argumentative Thesis Overview
404Argumentative Writing: Making the "Right" MovesInteractive Video[+]Putting It All Together
403Cheap Thrills - An Argumentative PresentationInteractive Video[+]Argumentative Presentations
417Creating Effective AssignmentsCourse Presentation[+]Creating Effective Assignments
418Creating Effective Writing AssignmentsInteractive Video[+]Recorded Webinar
420Effective Feedback and RubricsCourse Presentation[+]Effective Feedback & Rubrics
422Effective Feedback and RubricsInteractive Video[+]Recorded Webinar
397Interactive VideoInteractive Video[+]Audience Analysis
317Internet SearchingCourse Presentation[+]Internet Searching
415Introduction to Writing in the DisciplinesCourse Presentation[+]Introduction to Writing in the Disciplines
416Introduction to Writing in the DisciplinesInteractive Video[+]Recorded Webinar
315ORC: Active vs. Passive ReadingCourse Presentation[+]Active vs. Passive Reading
219ORC: AnnotatingInteractive Video[+]Annotating: Creating an Annotation System
223ORC: Annotating a Journal ArticleInteractive Video[+]Annotating a Journal Article
228ORC: Annotating a Journal Article – Activity 1Question Set[+]Activity 1
229ORC: Annotating a Journal Article – Activity 2Question Set[+]Activity 2
262ORC: Annotating a Journal Article – Activity 3Documentation Tool[+]Activity 3
222ORC: Annotating a TextbookInteractive Video[+]Annotating a Textbook
237ORC: Annotating a Textbook – Activity 1, Question 1Find the Hotspot[+]Activity 1
238ORC: Annotating a Textbook – Activity 1, Question 2Find the Hotspot[+]Activity 1
239ORC: Annotating a Textbook – Activity 1, Question 3Find the Hotspot[+]Activity 1
240ORC: Annotating a Textbook – Activity 1, Question 4Find the Hotspot[+]Activity 1
241ORC: Annotating a Textbook – Activity 1, Question 5Find the Hotspot[+]Activity 1
242ORC: Annotating a Textbook – Activity 1, Question 6Find the Hotspot[+]Activity 1
243ORC: Annotating a Textbook – Activity 1, Question 7Find the Hotspot[+]Activity 1
244ORC: Annotating a Textbook – Activity 1, Question 8Find the Hotspot[+]Activity 1
256ORC: Annotating a Textbook – Activity 2, Question 1Find the Hotspot[+]Activity 2
255ORC: Annotating a Textbook – Activity 2, Questions 2-6Question Set[+]Activity 2
245ORC: Annotating a Textbook – Activity 3Documentation Tool[+]Activity 3
224ORC: Annotating a Work of FictionInteractive Video[+]Annotating a Work of Fiction
270ORC: Annotating a Work of Fiction – ActivityQuestion Set[+]Activity
221ORC: Annotating an Essay or BookInteractive Video[+]Annotating an Essay or Book
231ORC: Annotating an Essay or Book – Activity 1, Question 1Find the Hotspot[+]Activity 1
247ORC: Annotating an Essay or Book – Activity 1, Question 2Find the Hotspot[+]Activity 1
249ORC: Annotating an Essay or Book – Activity 1, Question 3Find the Hotspot[+]Activity 1
250ORC: Annotating an Essay or Book – Activity 1, Question 4Find the Hotspot[+]Activity 1
251ORC: Annotating an Essay or Book – Activity 1, Question 5Find the Hotspot[+]Activity 1
252ORC: Annotating an Essay or Book – Activity 1, Question 6Find the Hotspot[+]Activity 1
253ORC: Annotating an Essay or Book – Activity 2Question Set[+]Activity 2
254ORC: Annotating an Essay or Book – Activity 3Documentation Tool[+]Activity 3
259ORC: Annotating: Creating an Annotation System – ActivityQuestion Set[+]Activity
288ORC: Concept Map – ActivityQuestion Set[+]Activity
266ORC: Context Clues – Activity 1Question Set[+]Activity 1
265ORC: Context Clues – Activity 2Question Set[+]Activity 2
267ORC: Context Clues VideoInteractive Video[+]Context Clues
301ORC: Evaluating a WebsiteInteractive Video[+]Evaluating a Website
290ORC: Evaluating a Website – ActivityQuestion Set[+]Activity
302ORC: Evaluating an ArgumentInteractive Video[+]Evaluating an Argument
292ORC: Evaluating an Argument – Activity 1Question Set[+]Activity 1
291ORC: Evaluating an Argument – Activity 2Question Set[+]Activity 2
300ORC: Evaluating an Author's IntentInteractive Video[+]Evaluating an Author’s Intent
293ORC: Evaluating an Author's Intent – ActivityDocumentation Tool[+]Activity
276ORC: Figurative LanguageInteractive Video[+]Figurative Language
319ORC: Figurative Language – ActivityQuestion Set[+]Activity
424ORC: How to Identify Writing Patterns NewInteractive Video[+]Writing Patterns
298ORC: How to Make a Concept MapInteractive Video[+]Creating a Concept Map
299ORC: How to Make a Story MapInteractive Video[+]Creating a Story Map
296ORC: How to Make a TimelineInteractive Video[+]Creating a Timeline
297ORC: How to Make an OutlineInteractive Video[+]Creating an Outline
225ORC: How to Read Visual AidsInteractive Video[+]Annotating: How to Read Visual Aids
261ORC: How to Read Visual Aids – ActivityQuestion Set[+]Activity
220ORC: InferencingInteractive Video[+]Inferencing
258ORC: Inferencing – ActivityQuestion Set[+]Activity
284ORC: KIM ChartInteractive Video[+]Creating a KIM Chart
279ORC: KIM Chart – ActivityDrag and Drop[+]Activity
286ORC: Outlining – ActivityQuestion Set[+]Activity
305ORC: ParaphrasingInteractive Video[+]Paraphrasing
307ORC: Paraphrasing – ActivityQuestion Set[+]Activity
321ORC: Previewing - Activity, Question 3Find Multiple Hotspots[+]Activity
320ORC: Previewing - Activity, Question 4Find Multiple Hotspots[+]Activity
212ORC: Previewing – Activity, Question 1Find the Hotspot[+]Activity
213ORC: Previewing – Activity, Question 2Find the Hotspot[+]Activity
215ORC: Previewing – Activity, Question 5Find the Hotspot[+]Activity
216ORC: Previewing – Activity, Question 6Multiple Choice[+]Activity
217ORC: Previewing: How to Preview a TextInteractive Video[+]Previewing
218ORC: QuestioningInteractive Video[+]Questioning
226ORC: Questioning – ActivityDocumentation Tool[+]Activity
269ORC: Specialized TerminologyInteractive Video[+]Specialized Terminology
271ORC: Specialized Terminology – ActivityDrag and Drop[+]Activity
285ORC: Story Map – ActivityDrag and Drop[+]Activity
306ORC: SummarizingInteractive Video[+]Summarizing
309ORC: Synthesizing – Activity 1Question Set[+]Activity 1
308ORC: Synthesizing – Activity 2Documentation Tool[+]Activity 2
295ORC: Synthesizing What You ReadInteractive Video[+]Synthesizing
287ORC: Timeline – ActivityQuestion Set[+]Activity
282ORC: Vocabulary FlashcardsInteractive Video[+]Creating Vocabulary Flashcards
273ORC: Vocabulary Flashcards – Activity 1Documentation Tool[+]Activity 1
281ORC: Vocabulary Flashcards – Activity 2Drag and Drop[+]Activity 2
277ORC: Vocabulary Flashcards SampleDialog Cards[+]Activity 1
263ORC: Word Part Clues – Activity 1Question Set[+]Activity 1
264ORC: Word Part Clues – Activity 2Question Set[+]Activity 2
268ORC: Word Part Clues VideoInteractive Video[+]Word-Part Clues
283ORC: Word WebInteractive Video[+]Creating a Word Web
280ORC: Word Web – Activity 1Drag and Drop[+]Activity 1
274ORC: Word Web – Activity 2Documentation Tool[+]Activity 2
289ORC: Writing Patterns – ActivityQuestion Set[+]Activity
391OWL Informational Video for EducatorsInteractive Video[+]Informational Videos
390OWL Informational Video for LearnersInteractive Video[+]Informational Videos
202OWL: AbstractCourse Presentation[+]Abstract
117OWL: Analyze This: Argument & AudienceInteractive Video[+]Analyze This
139OWL: Analyze This: Argumentative PurposesInteractive Video[+]Analyze This
123OWL: Analyze This: Argumentative ThesisInteractive Video[+]Analyze This
119OWL: Analyze This: Finding TopicsInteractive Video[+]Analyze This
143OWL: Analyze This: Logical FallaciesInteractive Video[+]Analyze This
121OWL: Analyze This: Modes of PersuasionInteractive Video[+]Analyze This
125OWL: Analyze This: Organizing Your ArgumentInteractive Video[+]Analyze This
141OWL: Analyze This: Using EvidenceInteractive Video[+]Analyze This
27OWL: Analyzing Your Audience ActivityDocumentation Tool[+]Analyzing Your Audience
310OWL: APA Formatting GuideCourse Presentation[+]APA Formatting Guide
425OWL: APA Formatting Guide 7th EditionCourse Presentation[+]APA Formatting Guide
362OWL: APA In-Text CitationsInteractive Video[+]APA In-Text Citations
427OWL: APA In-Text Citations 7th EditionInteractive Video[+]APA In-Text Citations
426OWL: APA Overview 7th EditionInteractive Video[+]APA Style
363OWL: APA ReferencesInteractive Video[+]APA References
430OWL: APA References 7th EditionInteractive Video[+]APA References
433OWL: APA Refresher - Formatting 7th EditionCourse Presentation[+]Formatting
351OWL: APA Refresher - Formatting GuideCourse Presentation[+]Formatting
350OWL: APA Refresher - In-Text CitationsCourse Presentation[+]In-Text Citations
352OWL: APA Refresher - ReferencesCourse Presentation[+]References
432OWL: APA Refresher - References 7th EditionCourse Presentation[+]References
356OWL: APA Refresher - StyleCourse Presentation[+]Style
434OWL: APA Refresher - Style 7th EditionCourse Presentation[+]Style
450OWL: APA Refresher In-Text Citations 7th EditionCourse Presentation[+]In-Text Citations
75OWL: APA Style ActivityCourse Presentation[+]APA Activity
429OWL: APA Style Activity 7th EditionCourse Presentation[+]APA Activity
185OWL: APA Style FormatCourse Presentation[+]APA Style Format
58OWL: Argument & Audience ActivityCourse Presentation[+]Argument & Audience Activity
370OWL: Argumentative Essay - What Does It Look Like?Interactive Video[+]What Does It Look Like?
56OWL: Argumentative Thesis ActivityCourse Presentation[+]Argumentative Thesis Activity
189OWL: Automated Writing EvaluationCourse Presentation[+]Automated Writing Evaluation
39OWL: Basic Sentence StructureCourse Presentation[+]Basic Sentence Structure
357OWL: Blog ConsiderationsImage Hotspots[+]Blog Considerations
337OWL: Care Plans ActivityQuestion Set[+]Activity
345OWL: Case Analysis ActivityQuestion Set[+]Activity
366OWL: Causal StructureInteractive Video[+]Causal Argument
372OWL: Cause & Effect - What Does It Look Like?Interactive Video[+]What Does It Look Like?
60OWL: Check Your Understanding of PlagiarismCourse Presentation[+]Check Your Understanding of Plagiarism
371OWL: Classification & Division - What Does It Look Like?Interactive Video[+]What Does It Look Like?
196OWL: ClausesCourse Presentation[+]Clauses
347OWL: Community Health LiteratureQuestion Set[+]Activity
373OWL: Compare and Contrast Essay - What Does It Look Like?Interactive Video[+]What Does It Look Like?
162OWL: ComposeCourse Presentation[+]Compose
203OWL: Congratulations!Course Presentation[+]Congratulations!
374OWL: Definition - What Does It Look Like?Interactive Video[+]What Does It Look Like?
368OWL: Definition ArgumentInteractive Video[+]Definition Argument
205OWL: Demonstration of Spelling and Grammar CheckerInteractive Video[+]Demonstration
375OWL: Description - What Does It Look Like?Interactive Video[+]What Does It Look Like?
134OWL: Developing a ThesisCourse Presentation[+]Developing a Thesis
156OWL: Developing Your IdeasInteractive Video[+]Developing Your Ideas
379OWL: Discussion Board ContentImage Hotspots[+]Discussion Board Content
94OWL: Discussion Boards ReviewInteractive Video[+]Discussion Boards in Review
199OWL: Editing & PolishingCourse Presentation[+]Editing & Polishing
47OWL: Engaging in Peer ReviewInteractive Video[+]Peer Review
43OWL: Essay WritingInteractive Video[+]Essay Writing
364OWL: Finding ArgumentsInteractive Video[+]Finding Arguments
166OWL: First DraftCourse Presentation[+]First Draft
186OWL: FormatCourse Presentation[+]Format
127OWL: Generating IdeasCourse Presentation[+]Generating Ideas
198OWL: Getting Ready to WriteCourse Presentation[+]Getting Ready to Write
204OWL: GlossingCourse Presentation[+]Glossing
190OWL: Grammar JournalCourse Presentation[+]Personal Editing Guide
328OWL: Grammar Refresher - ApostrophesCourse Presentation[+]Apostrophes
445OWL: Grammar Refresher - CommasCourse Presentation[+]Commas
330OWL: Grammar Refresher - Dashes & HyphensCourse Presentation[+]Dashes & Hyphens
446OWL: Grammar Refresher - Pronoun Agreement & ReferenceCourse Presentation[+]Pronoun Agreement & Reference
331OWL: Grammar Refresher - Quotation Marks & EllipsesCourse Presentation[+]Quotation Marks & Ellipses
334OWL: Grammar Refresher - Run-On SentencesCourse Presentation[+]Run-On Sentences
329OWL: Grammar Refresher - Semicolons and ColonsCourse Presentation[+]Semicolons & Colons
444OWL: Grammar Refresher - Sentence FragmentsCourse Presentation[+]Sentence Fragments
336OWL: Grammar Refresher - Subject-Verb AgreementCourse Presentation[+]Subject-Verb Agreement
333OWL: Grammar Refresher - Verb TenseCourse Presentation[+]Verb Tense
346OWL: Health Policy Statement ActivityQuestion Set[+]Activity
341OWL: Health Policy StatementsInteractive Video[+]Health Policy Statements
68OWL: How Much Do You Know About Plagiarism?Course Presentation[+]How Much Do You Know About Plagiarism?
114OWL: How to Avoid PlagiarismInteractive Video[+]How to Avoid Plagiarism
395OWL: If You Plagiarize - The Consequences of PlagiarismCourse Presentation[+]The Consequences of Plagiarism
376OWL: Illustration - What Does It Look Like?Interactive Video[+]What Does It Look Like?
171OWL: Importance of RevisionCourse Presentation[+]Importance of Revision
338OWL: Introduction to Care PlansInteractive Video[+]Care Plan
339OWL: Introduction to Case AnalysisInteractive Video[+]Case Analysis in Health Sciences
340OWL: Introduction to Community Health LiteratureInteractive Video[+]Community Health Literature
342OWL: Introduction to Patient Education LiteratureInteractive Video[+]Patient Education Literature
343OWL: Introduction to SOAP NotesInteractive Video[+]SOAP Notes
41OWL: Judging Thesis StatementsCourse Presentation[+]Judging Thesis Statements
396OWL: Literature ReviewCourse Presentation[+]Literature Reviews
369OWL: Logical Fallacies ActivityCourse Presentation[+]Putting It All Together
195OWL: Make Your Own DecisionsCourse Presentation[+]Make Your Own Decisions
153OWL: Mapping Your IdeasCourse Presentation[+]Mapping Your Ideas
353OWL: Mateo Assignment InformationInteractive Video[+]Putting It All Together
354OWL: Mateo Sources 1-8Interactive Video[+]Putting It All Together
184OWL: MEAL PlanImage Hotspots[+]Paragraphing: MEAL Plan
349OWL: MLA Formatting GuideCourse Presentation[+]MLA Formatting Guide
360OWL: MLA In-Text Citations DemoInteractive Video[+]MLA Style Demo
359OWL: MLA OverviewInteractive Video[+]MLA Style Demo
201OWL: MLA StyleCourse Presentation[+]MLA Style Format
22OWL: MLA Style ActivityCourse Presentation[+]MLA Activity
361OWL: MLA Works Cited DemoInteractive Video[+]MLA Style Demo
11OWL: Modes of Persuasion ActivityCourse Presentation[+]Modes of Persuasion Activity
175OWL: More RevisionCourse Presentation[+]More Revision
377OWL: Narration - What Does It Look Like?Interactive Video[+]What Does It Look Like?
392OWL: NotetakingCourse Presentation[+]Note-Taking & Plagiarism
183OWL: Offending an AudienceInteractive Video[+]Offending an Audience
147OWL: Organizing Your PaperCourse Presentation[+]Organizing Your Paper
187OWL: Other GuidelinesCourse Presentation[+]Other Guidelines
87OWL: Paraphrasing ActivityQuestion Set[+]Paraphrasing Activity
194OWL: Paraphrasing and SummarizingCourse Presentation[+]Paraphrasing & Summarizing
344OWL: Patient Education ActivityQuestion Set[+]Activity
15OWL: Presentations ActivityCourse Presentation[+]Presentations Activity
378OWL: Process - What Does It Look Like?Interactive Video[+]What Does It Look Like?
367OWL: Proposal ArgumentInteractive Video[+]Proposal Argument
197OWL: Punctuating ClausesCourse Presentation[+]Punctuating Clauses
188OWL: PunctuationCourse Presentation[+]Punctuation
45OWL: Punctuation for ClausesCourse Presentation[+]Punctuation for Clauses
409OWL: Putting It All Together Parts of Speech in ReviewCourse Presentation[+]Putting It All Together
408OWL: Putting It All Together Punctuation in ReviewCourse Presentation[+]Putting It All Together
67OWL: Putting It All Together: Online Writing & PresentationsCourse Presentation[+]Putting It All Together
55OWL: Putting It All Together: Research and Citation & DocumentationCourse Presentation[+]Putting It All Together
157OWL: Read & Take NotesCourse Presentation[+]Read & Take Notes
179OWL: Read Your Paper Out LoudCourse Presentation[+]Read Your Paper Out Loud
57OWL: Research Paper Timeline – 10 WeeksCourse Presentation[+]Research Paper Timeline – 10 Weeks
54OWL: Research Paper Timeline – 8 WeeksCourse Presentation[+]Research Paper Timeline – 8 Weeks
170OWL: Revising Your WorkInteractive Video[+]Revising Your Work
36OWL: Run-On SentencesCourse Presentation[+]Run-On Sentences
30OWL: See It in Practice: Academic VoiceInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
28OWL: See It in Practice: Analyzing Your AudienceInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
118OWL: See It in Practice: Argument & AudienceInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
140OWL: See It in Practice: Argumentative PurposesInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
124OWL: See It in Practice: Argumentative ThesisInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
90OWL: See It in Practice: Assignment AnalysisInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
98OWL: See It in Practice: Drafting & IntegratingInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
44OWL: See It in Practice: Essay WritingInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
95OWL: See It in Practice: Evaluating SourcesInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
120OWL: See It in Practice: Finding TopicsInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
32OWL: See It in Practice: Introductions & ConclusionsInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
144OWL: See It in Practice: Logical FallaciesInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
122OWL: See It in Practice: Modes of PersuasionInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
91OWL: See It in Practice: Narrowing & DevelopingInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
96OWL: See It in Practice: Note-TakingInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
126OWL: See It in Practice: Organizing Your ArgumentInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
97OWL: See It in Practice: OutliningInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
42OWL: See It in Practice: ParagraphingInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
26OWL: See It in Practice: Prewriting StrategiesInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
65OWL: See It in Practice: Research ProcessInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
92OWL: See It in Practice: Research StrategiesInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
48OWL: See It in Practice: Revising & EditingInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
100OWL: See It in Practice: Revising & Editing 1Interactive Video[+]See It in Practice
101OWL: See It in Practice: Revising & Editing 2Interactive Video[+]See It in Practice
93OWL: See It in Practice: Thesis or FocusInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
38OWL: See It in Practice: Thesis SentenceInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
142OWL: See It in Practice: Using EvidenceInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
3OWL: See It in Practice: Writing ProcessInteractive Video[+]See It in Practice
51OWL: Signal PhrasesCourse Presentation[+]Signal Phrases Activity
348OWL: SOAP Notes ActivityQuestion Set[+]Activity
191OWL: Spelling and GrammarCourse Presentation[+]Spelling & Grammar
394OWL: Summarizing & PlagiarismCourse Presentation[+]Summarizing & Plagiarism
365OWL: The Basic Format for Your PaperCourse Presentation[+]Basic Format for Your Paper
49OWL: The Writing Process in ReviewInteractive Video[+]The Writing Process in Review
34OWL: Thesis AnglesImage Hotspots[+]Thesis Angles
145OWL: Thesis StatementCourse Presentation[+]Checklist for a Thesis Statement
449OWL: Thesis Statement ActivityCourse Presentation[+]Thesis Statement Activity
386OWL: Tips from the Professor - ApostrophesInteractive Video[+]Tips from the Professor
383OWL: Tips from the Professor - CommasInteractive Video[+]Tips from the Professor
384OWL: Tips from the Professor - PronounsInteractive Video[+]Tips from the Professor
382OWL: Tips from the Professor - SemicolonsInteractive Video[+]Tips from the Professor
385OWL: Tips from the Professor - Sentence FragmentInteractive Video[+]Tips from the Professor
200OWL: Title PageCourse Presentation[+]Title Page
380OWL: Traditional Structure ActivityCourse Presentation[+]Traditional Structure Activity
388OWL: Traditional Structure Ordering ActivityDrag and Drop[+]Traditional Structure Activity
85OWL: Try It Out: 20 Most Common ErrorsCourse Presentation[+]Try It Out
40OWL: Try It Out: ApostrophesCourse Presentation[+]Try it Out
89OWL: Try It Out: BracketsQuestion Set[+]Try It Out
73OWL: Try It Out: ColonsQuestion Set[+]Try It Out
80OWL: Try It Out: Commas IQuestion Set[+]Try It Out
88OWL: Try It Out: Commas IIQuestion Set[+]Try It Out
76OWL: Try It Out: Common KnowledgeCourse Presentation[+]Try It Out
83OWL: Try It Out: ConjunctionsQuestion Set[+]Try It Out
82OWL: Try It Out: HyphensDrag and Drop[+]Try It Out
50OWL: Try It Out: NounsCourse Presentation[+]Try It Out
111OWL: Try It Out: Paraphrasing ActivityCourse Presentation[+]Try It Out
53OWL: Try It Out: Parts of SpeechCourse Presentation[+]Try It Out
52OWL: Try It Out: PronounsCourse Presentation[+]Try It Out
59OWL: Try It Out: Proper CitationsCourse Presentation[+]Try It Out
81OWL: Try It Out: PunctuationQuestion Set[+]Try It Out
86OWL: Try It Out: Quotation MarksQuestion Set[+]Try It Out
84OWL: Try It Out: SemicolonsQuestion Set[+]Try It Out
46OWL: Try It Out: VerbsCourse Presentation[+]Try It Out
358OWL: Types of Argument ActivityCourse Presentation[+]Types of Argument Activity
208OWL: Types of ClausesCourse Presentation[+]Types of Clauses
209OWL: Types of SentencesCourse Presentation[+]Types of Sentences
192OWL: Using a ChecklistCourse Presentation[+]Using a Checklist
24OWL: Using Complete SentencesCourse Presentation[+]Using Complete Sentences
21OWL: Using Evidence ActivityCourse Presentation[+]Using Evidence Activity
160OWL: Using Others' IdeasCourse Presentation[+]Using Others’ Ideas
193OWL: Using ResourcesCourse Presentation[+]Using Resources
115OWL: Welcome to the ESL-WOWInteractive Video[+]ESL Writing Online Workshop
112OWL: What is Plagiarism?Interactive Video[+]What Is Plagiarism?
16OWL: What's My Assignment?Course Presentation[+]What’s My Assignment?
25OWL: Writing Process ActivityDrag Text[+]Writing Process Activity
419Peer Review and RevisionCourse Presentation[+]Peer Review & Revision
421Peer Review and RevisionInteractive Video[+]Recorded Webinar
402Post Draft OutlineInteractive Video[+]Revision Strategies
398The Research Writing ProcessInteractive Video[+]Research Paper Steps
37Thesis Statement ChecklistDocumentation Tool[+]Thesis Checklist
401Thinking Rhetorically - Adding Rhetoric to Your Writing ProcInteractive Video[+]Thinking About Your Assignment
406Treasuring Clear Writing: Review of 20 Most Common ErrorsInteractive Video[+]Putting It All Together
405Types of PlagiarismInteractive Video[+]Types of Plagiarism
399What Is Rhetoric, and How Can It Help You As a WriterInteractive Video[+]Assignment Analysis

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