Time to Write

Now that you have reviewed the information regarding documentation, it’s time for you to edit, paying close attention to formatting and documentation. Be sure to review the sample style video that fits your documentation style before completing an edit.

During this final stage, as you polish your paper and work to ensure consistency with your formatting style, remember that it’s a good time to ask questions of your professor and / or classmates if you get stuck or run into any sources that seem difficult to format. This is also a good time to visit your writing center or submit to your online writing center, as some extra support is always helpful in writing, but it can be particularly helpful as you work with the finer details of formatting styles.

It’s important to remember that no formatting system is perfect, and, sometimes, there are some situations that arise during the documentation process that do not seem to clearly fit within formatting style guidelines. You may also find that some of your professors will disagree about what is “right” when it comes to formatting and documentation, even within the same formatting style. When these things happen, try not to panic. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s important to know that formatting guidelines can sometimes be open to interpretation.

Using the resources located in this section of the OWL can help!

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