See It in Practice

In this final video cast for the Citation & Documentation area of the online writing lab, you’ll see our student writer complete a final check of her research paper, paying special attention to any formatting style issues. In this case, the student used APA style for her paper.

Video Transcript

Student says:

As a final step in my research and writing process, I am getting my paper ready for submission. I have completed revision and editing, so I’m now ready to give special attention to my formatting. Because I’m using APA format for my paper, I’m going to take a closer look at my cover page, my in-text citations, and my references list.

The first thing I will focus on is my cover page. I have my running head here, correctly, with the words “Running Head” on the first page. I also have all of my required information on the cover page, so I’m now ready to look at some of my in-text citations.

I am double checking a sample of those citations on page three of my essay. I noticed that I am using the author or authors’ names as I set up my source information, so I have the kind of split citation where I have the year after the author’s name and then the page number comes after the quoted information or paraphrased information. It looks like everything is in order with my in-text citations, so I will finally take a look at my References list.

I notice that my References list is double spaced; I have the word “References” centered at the top, and I also have my references listed in alphabetical order. As I look at this sample, it looks like I have all of the required information, so it seems like I am ready for submission.

It has been a lot of work, but the process established in the Online Writing Lab certainly has helped me develop a paper I am really proud of.

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